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Patriot Software–Powerful reporting, and analytical tools designed by the experts in SDS Management:

TERMS is specifically designed to electronically manage (m)SDSs and complete SARA Title III tracking and reporting including the Form R, Form A and Tier II. The TERMS® software will analyze the chemicals onsite, sum the total of reportable chemicals, compare them to the threshold limits and automatically convert units to pounds to generate the reports on the proper federal forms.

Take Control of your chemicals & (m)SDS Documentation:


Easily handle EPA, regulatory and TIER reporting. The reports are designed to meet OSHA, EPA and state requirements...

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Patriot Software maintains and updates all regulatory information pertaining to SARA Title III to assure you are kept in compliance. TERMS converts your paper system into an electronic format and can be customized to satisfy your company’s requirements. >Learn More

Access and generate reports from anywhere:

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Manage your chemical data from anywhere. Reports and data can be accessed and shared from anywhere, using a computer or smart device.

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